Wednesday, November 14, 2007

eBay for us - Lindys*ltd

I just realized that I don't have the hyperlink to our eBay store on my blog. Here it is.

Some doll things I make

I make a lot of things for Chatty Cathy dolls which came out in the 60's. They had a pull string on the back of their neck and they talked when you pulled the string. Mattel made them. There are many collectors out there now for the Chatty dolls as they grew into a whole family of them. These red shoes (postively exactly like the originals) are made of red suede leather and went with the red/white dress with her red corduroy coat with the white fur collar. We have them for sale on eBay along with other things I make for Chatty. (The red shoes are new and will go on eBay on Monday night Nov. 19, 2007.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is a small pillow about 9" x 6". I wanted to practice and make this motif for another project and decided to just go ahead and make a pillow out of the motif. Lots of french knots for flowers. Fun to make.

I made this block recently out of 4 hankies that all had roses on them! It was fun to do and I'm going to find the time to make more from hankies!

NECKTIE PILLOW (Pillow made of neckties)

I have this pillow to give to my son, Larry, for Christmas. I have made many things for the girls and nothing with my CQ work on it for him. So I thought it would be proper to make something masculine for him and thus this pillow. I notice he likes Blue, so blue it is. I used parts of about 6 ties for it. The border is made of the points of the ties lapped over each other, with a large one in the middle of all 4 sides.

The first CQ I did on my own - not in a class

The first thing I did on my own was an 18" pieced block that I purchased from Attic Heirlooms. I had acquired several books by then, and I put everything on that block that was in any book I had! I wanted to learn all I could and quick!! Thus this busy, busy, pillow! LOL

Purse & Hussif

The hussif unfolds as you will see in the pictures but when folded up, it fits perfectly in the purse. Ladies in Victorian times carried their needlework with them as they had servants to do everything else! They visited and 'stitched' a lot.

The little thing hanging off the side of the purse is a tomato pin cushion that I covered with the dupioni silk to match!

My first CQ item

I made the very first items in a class at Attic Heirlooms here in Wichita, KS - Julie Craig owner. It was the hussif and purse that was an article in the CQ Mag Online. I'll try to put it here on my blog.

Bead RR - with CQI group

This block is beautiful! I did not make the butterfly shown in the picture, but I did do the seam treatment and the gold rose with green leaves and then the gold seam treatment under it.

I am enjoying this RR very much. I have worked on 3 or 4 blocks, and have finished Leslie's block now. It will be in the mail tomorrow to Cheryl. I am posting pictures of it here on my blog and in the list emails also.