Sunday, October 26, 2008

My sewing lately

As you know right now, my eBay sewing comes first as it has for a long time. So I'm going to send some pictures of just some of the things I have made lately. I do enjoy making things for dolls as I can be creative on them but I long to do more crazyquilt items. I have several in mind. Some of them are for Christmas gifts, so I will make the time to enjoy doing them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


My son has come to my rescue to fix up my blog. I so appreciate his time and I must say it is beautiful with all the pink and flowers in the background. There are some other things he has added like a map for all you that read it to click on and leave a message to me. The map will automatically post a pin in the location that you are reading from!! Then I can see where all my friends are on this whole earth! Thank you, Larry. I do appreciate your time on this. Larry is a pilot - Captain ! He is on the go most of the time, but does spend a lot of time in hotels all over the world waiting for his next assignment. So I gave him the needed information to get into my blog and spruce it up for me. He has done a wonderful thing for his mother.

Fall is here to stay!

We have had a couple of days of rain now, and wind also. The temperatures are dropping and the colors of autumn are stunning. Our maple trees in our backyard are tall enough to be seen over the roof of our home from the street. They are turning a brillant gold and then red now. Breathtaking! When we drive up the street with our mind set on pressing the button for our garage door to open, we see all of this. What a welcome sight no matter what our day has held before. I will try to get pictures right away and share them on my blog. Nature is the most blessed thing we have to soothe our minds in this busy world. Thank you, Lord for nature and also reminding us to enjoy it!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall is here!

I haven't posted for a long time, but I have sewed up a storm of doll clothing to sell on eBay. I have a new laptop and my pictures are all on my PC downstairs. So I can't even post those pictures here. I will get on that PC and get some posted.

I made 112 doll bonnets this summer! Mostly by hand. We have sold a bunch, but still plenty on eBay. Lately I have made complete outfits for dolls. They include dresses, slips, panties or pantaloons and sometimes socks to match the outfit. I am enjoying those as I can be creative however I want to. I did make some silk ribbon roses on the yoke of one style I made. I never make just one of anything, as I enjoy making things on the assembly line. It is so rewarding when I finish a lot of things instead of just one. They are a boost to our eBay inventory also as of course, they don't sell all at once.

I have made several tops for necktie pillows for Christmas gifts. I have done the hand embellishing on them also. Now I must make all the points to make the border and then put them together. I have even picked up several pillow forms at sales this summer. So now, all I need is time.

Our eBay store address is if you would like to see my sewing there. This is not an advertisement - just a place to view my things. Thanks for looking.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hot summer - no posts lately

Well, I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted on this blog. But I have been busy with sewing. I have made over 100 lace bonnets for dolls lately in this past 2 or 3 weeks. I will post some pictures of them. There are several on eBay right now. They sell well. I bought a LOT of lace at an estate sale recently that spurred them on. Bonnets do sell well, and I never make just one of anything, so this project grew and grew. LOL But I would find another piece of lace that I hadn't used yet for a brim and it wouldn't be long until I found the other similar pieces in that same color to go with it. I have only had to purchase off/white ribbon for ties. Otherwise I had all the ribbon I needed on hand.

Well, I just realized that this laptop doesn't have the pictures on it, so I'll have to post them later from my desk top computer. Sorry.

I don't do well in the summer heat. As long as I stay in and don't have to go out, I do. Thank the Lord that our home is nice and cool. I feel sorry for the people living in the heat and working in it also. By for now,


Friday, May 16, 2008

ALSO find me at Stitchin Fingers

You can also find me here:

I haven't had time to work on this yet, but hopefully soon. Such an honor to be asked to join in with a lovely bunch of my friends who are 'crazy' quilters also.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Long time between posts

I meant to add that these birthday gifts for them is the last thing I have made other than all my sewing for eBay. I didn't want to put these pictures on my blog until they received these, however I don't know if they look at my blog anyway. Then I really forgot about putting them on.

We have been very busy with eBay for which we are thankful. But all the sewing is doll related things. Lots of shoes, socks, underwear, etc. I'm looking forward to some crazyquilt stitching someday????

Enjoyed making these "jewelry pillows"

Both my girls Birthdays are in February, so they always get the same thing from us! This year I decided to give them some of my old, old, good jewelry. So I came up with the idea to make these pillows and put it on them.

I didn't know what to give each one, so I didn't mark the packages and just told them if they wanted to trade around that was fine with me.

They were very excited to open them. It is hard to come up with something for them now. I used to make victorian things for them, but now they have both redecorate their homes in the 'old world' style. So all I could do was make them the right colors!!

My girls Birthday presents in February

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I found this sewing box, (I'll call it a box, as it isn't really a basket) some time ago at an estate sale. First I must tell you that I LOVE sewing baskets of any kind. It has become a joke in my family about Mother's sewing baskets! I use them too. I have them all supplied with the notions that might be needed and an ongoing project that I can work on. I can grab one if going away from home for any time at all, (even while I sit under the hair dryer at the beauty shop) and enjoy some time stitching.

But I found this one and decided since it is actually a box and not easy to carry around, I would sell it on eBay. So I listed it starting this evening for 1 week. Here are pictures of it that I want to share with all of you that enjoy sewing also.

Monday, February 4, 2008

More hats for eBay

I have changed styles and am now making velvet hats for antique dolls. Here are 2 that I listed on eBay today. I have more in the making. Oh, the first picture is another lace hat that was quick to make. Then the velvet ones. These are a little more work, as lots of hand sewing to finish them off, but they are fun! I'm using up some velvet (the stretchy kind) that I decided not to use with CQ. But it is perfect for the hats, as I can stretch it to fit whatever shape I want to.

I am trying to clean out and use up more out of my sewing room, as I have the goal in mind to have it all neat and orderly with eBay sewing fabrics & trims on one side and CQ on the other! So........... again, .............. we'll see!

February 5, 2008 February already!!

I have been really busy this past 3 or 4 weeks catching up on my sewing for eBay. Here are some of the things I have made. Here are 3 different lacy hats I have made for antique dolls. I made 6 and they are all sold already. So ......

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am going to post some pictures of a wall hanging and a Christmas card holder (like a bell pull) that I made in 2005. I took pictures of these before we packed the Christmas things up after Christmas.

The wall hanging is about 28" square. I especially liked the way this is decorated on each corner with fans and of course embellished. There is a silk print in the center. It is embellished before adding it to the wall hanging.

The card holder is about 10" across (including the ruffle around the edge) and about 48" long. It has 3 pockets to hold the cards we receive. Above each pocket is a silk print of something to do with Christmas. There is crazyquilt style piecing on the pockets and embellished of course. a row of beads is part of the embellishment under each pocket.

Both items have thin layers of cotton fleece like fabric inside so they will hold up nice. This too was fun to make, and someday................ I want to make one for each of the children and grandchildren! Of course!


This heart is a wall or door decor item. The basis is crazy quilt flower prints. It is embellished with seam treatments as well as lots of beads. I don't know how well you will be able to see them. I mounted it on a cardboard heart and then finished it with a ruffle of burgundy lace and a rayon trim as well as the off/white vintage lace border all around the edge. In the center is a silk print and is bordered with ribbon over each corner like you wrap a package. It is about 14" tall and 9" across. Fun to make!! and quick!! It is hanging on my husband's mother's door at her assisted living apartment. She is enjoying it.

January is 1/2 gone!

Time is marching on. Can hardly believe we are in the middle of January!! I do have some things to post.


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