Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am going to post some pictures of a wall hanging and a Christmas card holder (like a bell pull) that I made in 2005. I took pictures of these before we packed the Christmas things up after Christmas.

The wall hanging is about 28" square. I especially liked the way this is decorated on each corner with fans and of course embellished. There is a silk print in the center. It is embellished before adding it to the wall hanging.

The card holder is about 10" across (including the ruffle around the edge) and about 48" long. It has 3 pockets to hold the cards we receive. Above each pocket is a silk print of something to do with Christmas. There is crazyquilt style piecing on the pockets and embellished of course. a row of beads is part of the embellishment under each pocket.

Both items have thin layers of cotton fleece like fabric inside so they will hold up nice. This too was fun to make, and someday................ I want to make one for each of the children and grandchildren! Of course!

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