Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I found this sewing box, (I'll call it a box, as it isn't really a basket) some time ago at an estate sale. First I must tell you that I LOVE sewing baskets of any kind. It has become a joke in my family about Mother's sewing baskets! I use them too. I have them all supplied with the notions that might be needed and an ongoing project that I can work on. I can grab one if going away from home for any time at all, (even while I sit under the hair dryer at the beauty shop) and enjoy some time stitching.

But I found this one and decided since it is actually a box and not easy to carry around, I would sell it on eBay. So I listed it starting this evening for 1 week. Here are pictures of it that I want to share with all of you that enjoy sewing also.

Monday, February 4, 2008

More hats for eBay

I have changed styles and am now making velvet hats for antique dolls. Here are 2 that I listed on eBay today. I have more in the making. Oh, the first picture is another lace hat that was quick to make. Then the velvet ones. These are a little more work, as lots of hand sewing to finish them off, but they are fun! I'm using up some velvet (the stretchy kind) that I decided not to use with CQ. But it is perfect for the hats, as I can stretch it to fit whatever shape I want to.

I am trying to clean out and use up more out of my sewing room, as I have the goal in mind to have it all neat and orderly with eBay sewing fabrics & trims on one side and CQ on the other! So........... again, .............. we'll see!

February 5, 2008 February already!!

I have been really busy this past 3 or 4 weeks catching up on my sewing for eBay. Here are some of the things I have made. Here are 3 different lacy hats I have made for antique dolls. I made 6 and they are all sold already. So ......