Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I want to show you all the vintage 1/2 slip I put on eBay this week. I have had this for years and always thought I would cut it up and make beautiful doll clothing out of it for antique dolls. Today, I decided to just put it on eBay and see if someone else wants it instead of me! The crocheting is just beautiful that is insertion and around the hem also. Not a break in it. The skirt does have some yellow stains like old things get.

Since we all like to 'find' things like this I wanted to share it with all of you. Not so much to sell it from putting it on my blog, but I think it is interesting to see things like this that are verified vintage. Thanks for looking!

More on needlebooks

As I said before, I rarely make just one of anything. So I made 3 more to give away or to sell on eBay. And as usual, the pictures are first above this explanation.

I can't figure out how to get the words first and then the pictures to follow them ! Sorry!


Ohoooooooooooooooo it's cold out there also. Below 0 tonight!
I have made a few things lately that I want to put pictures on my blog.

I made this needlebook for my Secret Sister in CQI - Cathy!! She mentioned on her blog that she received it and was pleased. She was a fun one to have for a secret sister, as we have a lot in common. Going out to thrift stores, estate sales etc. to look for goodies! for CQ.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A necktie pillow made for a customer

I have made several necktie pillows lately. One customer sent the ties she wanted me to use and to be sure to show the 'duck' necktie center front. So I did. Another customer sent me neckties to use and 'Elmo' was to be featured on it. They were both well received and happy with their pillows.

The last picture is more of the necktie pillows that I made and will sell on eBay. When I was pieceing all of these, I just couldn't put it all away until I had several tops pieced. So now I have quite a selection.

Christmas pillow finished !!

This pillow is pieced from neckties that are Christmas designs. I had a lot of fun pieceing it in the fall of 2007 and did all the embellishing that winter into 2008. I finally put it all together as a pillow before Christmas this year. It is backed with black velvet. I may add some tassels ??? But haven't decided yet. I really enjoyed 'filling up' all the space with the embellishing.

I used almost every inch of the inside of the cabinet. The white drawers in the middle hold my beads and all my pink and blue cq stasch. The bottom doors show my books and magazines where I can finally get to them easily. I used a small box for each color of my thread, silk ribbon, etc. and put them on each side of the white drawers in the shelves. Now I can take out a 'color' that I want to use and find everything that I have in stock to use. This was a wonderful thing to accomplish also.

My China Cabinet turned into CQ closet!

I have made good use of my China Cabinet! I have a nice sewing room downstairs, but when I am finally doing anything with CQ or SRE I am upstairs and enjoy the TV at the same time. The things that were in my China Cabinet easily found a new home - (some left and went to eBay) LOL. My daughter helped me put lace curtains on the INSIDE of each glass panel. I gathered the top and bottom of each curtain and we used velcro that has a sticky side to mount them in the windows. They went in quickly! Now for more pictures of the finished closet!

Scissor holders & pin cushions

I have finally finished these sets and now have them on eBay also. They were definitely a UFO for several months! I just took the time to finish them and it felt so good to do that!