Sunday, April 25, 2010

The first picture on the last post ......

This is a picture of vintage hat veiling. I had acquired this through the years and thought I would use it on doll hats. But I just couldn't make it look right on the NEW straw forms I have to use, so I put it on eBay. It was very well received and sold for a good amount of money! To think I had it in my drawers in my sewing room for years! Now to dig out some more gems. Ha.

The other pictures are more hats and I won't bore you with more right now. But I have fixed over 60 hats and am presently adding a few each week to eBay. This week I also have listed some vintage aprons that I found at an estate sale. I will post a few pictures of those also. They are on eBay right now.

Here are a few more items for eBay I want to show you.


Seems I never get to any of my beloved CQ work anymore. I stay so busy getting things ready to sell on eBay. This brings to mind I have something to reveal to all of you who read my blog. Since I haven't posted often, I don't think many do.

I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. I am in the early stages, but yes, the MRI showed the signs of why I have been pretty forgetful in the past few months. This all took place in November and December 09. In January I was put on Aricept medication. It has done a marvelous job! My husband and friends tell me that I am so much better than I was. Also, I was having lots of problems when I was on the computer (and with eBay sales that isn't good), well, now I am back on the beam at least most of the time!! I am very thankful for Aricept and my Doctors. My husband is so helpful and sweet to me. I know his encouragement is a big help also.

I am going to post a lot of pictures of things I have been making and selling on eBay. Since this diagnosis I am determined to really use up and clean out my sewing room. I want to do that before my girls have that job someday. It has paid off, as I started a shelf at a time. One shelf was all the hat forms for dolls that I had on hand. I have been decorating them and that will be what I have the most pictures of right now. I have plans for lots of the shelves -- Ha.