Sunday, April 25, 2010


Seems I never get to any of my beloved CQ work anymore. I stay so busy getting things ready to sell on eBay. This brings to mind I have something to reveal to all of you who read my blog. Since I haven't posted often, I don't think many do.

I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. I am in the early stages, but yes, the MRI showed the signs of why I have been pretty forgetful in the past few months. This all took place in November and December 09. In January I was put on Aricept medication. It has done a marvelous job! My husband and friends tell me that I am so much better than I was. Also, I was having lots of problems when I was on the computer (and with eBay sales that isn't good), well, now I am back on the beam at least most of the time!! I am very thankful for Aricept and my Doctors. My husband is so helpful and sweet to me. I know his encouragement is a big help also.

I am going to post a lot of pictures of things I have been making and selling on eBay. Since this diagnosis I am determined to really use up and clean out my sewing room. I want to do that before my girls have that job someday. It has paid off, as I started a shelf at a time. One shelf was all the hat forms for dolls that I had on hand. I have been decorating them and that will be what I have the most pictures of right now. I have plans for lots of the shelves -- Ha.


kerrykatiecakes2 said...

Hi Carol - you have been sorely missed at CQI and now I know why. I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis but really pleased to hear the meds are doing their job. Even if you aren't getting any cq done, would love to hear from you as often as you can. Take care & God bless!

Betty said...

Dear Carol,

I'm also sorry for your diagnosis. But, what a terrific attitude you are showing and that surely makes a big difference. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.

Karen said...

I hope that the medication continues to help you. Your blog setup and header are so beautiful, I am jealous!! LOL

Cathy said...

Dear Carol, you will forever be my secret sister, and I promise that I will never forget YOU! So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but am grateful to hear about the Aricept and your remarkable response! You are smart to do some cleaning out, and I will certainly watch your auctions on Ebay. I hope you'll be able to re-join us on CQI, because as Kerry said, you have been sorely missed. I think of you often. Hugs and kisses, Cathy