Friday, November 27, 2009


So long since I've even looked at my blog. Seems the time doesn't permit itself for me to even think of it. All my pictures are on my desk computer and I need to somehow move them to my laptop. ??

I want to start a new project for this winter to be able to pick up and work on when I have a few minutes. I'm still sewing most of the time on doll things for eBay, but it is a nice reprieve to have something ready to stitch that is CQ.

I am starting a new wall hanging of CQ. It is mostly Black and off white pieced blocks. Starting with 6 blocks that are 6" square. They will be heavily embroidered and beaded and then 2 or three rows of border of ruched materials and pleated trim. I will put pictures on my blog when it is a little farther down the line than it is now. Ha. I have made the 6 blocks and am beginning to embellish them. I think the one color I will add besides the black and off white is a dark teal blue. Oh, yes, some of the figured fabric in the blocks has gold in them. Not metallic, but a rich gold. My friend, Julie that has the Attic Heirlooms shop here in Wichita made a similar wall hanging to this, and I fell in love with it. It hangs in her shop and it is beautiful. I asked her if she was going to have a class with it being the thing to make, but she is not for now. She is quite busy since she reopened her shop in a more commercial section of town, but in an old area. So people are finding her now that didn't know she was in business before.

I will take pictures of the blocks and put them on next time. They will be more interesting with a little embellishment on them!

I have the t.v. on and am going to watch a movie or something and stitch. I turned on my laptop to find a stitch directory and looked at the email first. So now I'll get back to the stitches! The laptop has been such a boost for both of us as we have it up in our living room between our recliners and we can check out our eBay business more often now also.


Kathi said...

I found you! I have tried to contact you in the past for the Hussif pattern that was featured in CQMagOnline a few years ago. I LOVE IT!

Shel said...

Hi Carol, this is Shelly that is doing your blog design. I wanted to write on here because after your last e-mail I think that mine are not going through or might be going to your spam folder. I sent a reply e-mail this evening that includes payment instructions and I am not certain if you received my e-mail showing you the background image either. Thanks so much :)

Betty said...

I am interested in your pursiff/hussif pattern. How can I get a copy?

Betty (

I belong to CQI and heard that your were the pattern designer.