Monday, February 4, 2008

More hats for eBay

I have changed styles and am now making velvet hats for antique dolls. Here are 2 that I listed on eBay today. I have more in the making. Oh, the first picture is another lace hat that was quick to make. Then the velvet ones. These are a little more work, as lots of hand sewing to finish them off, but they are fun! I'm using up some velvet (the stretchy kind) that I decided not to use with CQ. But it is perfect for the hats, as I can stretch it to fit whatever shape I want to.

I am trying to clean out and use up more out of my sewing room, as I have the goal in mind to have it all neat and orderly with eBay sewing fabrics & trims on one side and CQ on the other! So........... again, .............. we'll see!


Aussie Jo said...

I'm loving those vintage velvet hats. Problem is my 7 yr old wants a fairy doll!!

Clothmatters said...

Your hats are dainty and simply lovely.