Friday, October 26, 2007

Thursday evening 10/24/07

Wanted to check in tonight to say that I am enjoying working on a block for a Bead RR that I am participating in. I will put pictures on my blog when I have finished my work on it. The block is a beautiful one. It is a joy to work on it.

I am going to start another blog aside from this one. This one will stay for my crazy quilt and embellishing block and enjoy with all my friends involved in it. But I do so much sewing for dolls as we sell them on eBay, that I am going to have a blog for that, so as to not bore you with all those things also. I also think that it will be well for our business to have that blog available to our eBay customers so they can see all about us! Right now, I wouldn't want any to see my sewing room! LOL

I will be out tomorrow and maybe for much of the weekend. I hope all of you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather that we are having. The trees are turning color and there is a cool brisk breeze in the air.

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