Friday, September 24, 2010

Feed Sacks, Sugar Sacks, Flour Sacks etc. of long ago.

I was preparing some sugar sacks for an auction on eBay today and in the 'box' I found this poem that I had save from some day gone by.   I thought perhaps you ladies might enjoy this, since we all like those old and nostalgic things of the past in our crazy quilt world!  Enjoy!

The Flour Sack - A Poem
When I was just a maiden fair,
Mama made our underwear;
With many kids and Dad's poor pay,
We had no fancy lingerie.
Monograms and fancy stitches
Did not adorn our Sunday britches;
Pantywaists that stood the test
Had 'Gold Medal' on my breast.
No lace or ruffles to enhance
Just 'Pride of Bloomington' on my pants.
One pair of panties beat them all,
For it had a scene I still recall-
Harvesters were gleaning wheat
Right across my little seat.
Rougher than a grizzly bear
Was my flour sack underwear.
Plain, not fancy and two feet wide
And tougher than a hippo's hide.
All through Depression each Jill and Jack
Wore the sturdy garb of sack.
Waste not, want not, we soon learned
That a penny saved is a penny earned.
There were curtains and tea towels too,
And that is just to name a few,
But the best beyond compare
Was my flour sack underwear.

~author unknown
I must add that I never did actually have underwear made from these, however when I was in 4H Club in my early teens, 2 feed sacks (Chicken feed came in them) was the fabric that I made my apron and tea towel out of to put in the Fair!   I received a blue ribbon on each of them too!   I was estactic! 

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