Sunday, October 31, 2010


I am gaining each day -  I can now type but am not to reach my whole arm forward!  Now, try laying your wrist on your computer and not moving your arm when you are reaching for the keys.   It took a little determination, but I am tired of those caps all the time! 

I hope to be back to stitching soon.  This has been a long dry spell.   Old movies on t.v. are already not so interesting as they used to be.   A jigsaw puzzle on the table is entertaining for while, but with only one hand to reach with!   Don't move that right arm!.    Physical therapy started this past week and is very limited yet.  The extensive work to anchor the rotar cuff ends to the bone with screws is very 'iffy' and must grow and adhere before I will have good use of the arm.   Dr. could not stretch the ends to meet, so this was the next best thing.   Also, of course, age comes into play in that healing game.   So I must be a good girl!  

I have enjoyed reading blogs and all the eye candy!   I have a lot of things ready to print off when I can get downstairs to my desk computer.  But this laptop has been a savior for me stranded on this first floor of our home.   Until later, and hope to be stitching,


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