Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010

Well, the Christmas decorations are all down and put away.   Tom is starting a new 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and I have been reading all the emails on my needlework daily digests.   So many wonderful pictures to look at and blogs to click on --  I can lose myself and hours seem to get by me! 

I am finally getting more use of my arm.  I have been stitching some on my beaded blocks for the wall hanging and soon will be able to hold the camera and take some pictures and get them here on the blog.  1/2 pound is my limit right now and the camera weighs more than that!  I don't have one of those itsy bitsy ones. 

We have enjoyed the holidays.  Escaped the snow storms, however we need the moisture so bad, that it would be worth it to have some.   Hopefully moisture will return to our area soon.  All the family is well and happy and we are THANKFUL for all.   We are continuing to sell out our eBay inventory and seem to find things to list each week too.   But we are cleaning out our rooms and that is good.  We have some interest from folks about purchasing our business and the Carol's Miracle Doll Cleaner recipe and name, so we are looking forward to finalizing that.   Too, we are planning to make a move to a smaller place, probably an apartment on one floor.  We are neither in good health anymore and we must downsize and try to take good care of each other.   I hope to enjoy more stitching time also.   We look forward to waking up someday and wonder what to do that day??? 

Bless all of you friends and family.  We are blessed abundantly! 


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