Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am presently in a Round Robin in the CQI group.   This is an 'anything goes' do your block RR.  This means that we each make six 6" blocks and they get passed around between 6 of us.   We each choose one block when the 6 blocks come to us from each person that we want to work on for that person.  This is not always an easy task, as some of the blocks are just beautiful and it is hard to choose.  Each person decides his own theme and I chose Valentine theme and my blocks will be made into a wall hanging when I receive them all back.    I think I posted my naked blocks on this blog a few months back when this all started.   Today, I have pictures of some of the blocks that the ladies have finished.  I am looking forward to the day they all arrive back home!   Here is one of the blocks finished by Ruby in my group.   Beautiful work.  I will have a lovely wall hanging someday!  

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Ruby said...

Might won't to check your papers. I'm not in this RR.