Monday, May 5, 2014


A PRESENTATION FROM LADY BUG HOUSE, HERE IN WICHITA, KS SPARKED MY ENTHUSIAM AND I AM STARTING THE FOLLOWING "SEWING TIME AND CRAFTS TOO!" AFTERNOON HERE AT COUNTRY ACRES SENIOR RESIDENCE WHERE WE LIVE. OUR FIRST MEETING WILL BE MAY 20, 2014. I MOVED A MOUNTAIN OF SEWING SUPPLIES WHEN WE MOVED HERE AND NOW HAVE FOUND A GOOD OUTLET FOR A LOT OF THEM. IT WILL CLEAR OUT SOME OF OUR APARTMENT ALSO AS WE USE THEM UP AT SEWING TIME. HERE IS THE FLYER THAT WENT OUT THIS WEEK. I'LL POST MORE AFTER OUR MEETINGS! SEWING TIME and CRAFTS TOO! COME & JOIN US BRING ANY THING YOU MIGHT BE MAKING OR HAVE MADE!! 3RD TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH 2:00 pm in dining room We will be making some projects for the Lady Bug House, crocheted booties and other baby garments as well as baby quilts. So pressing fabric, cutting quilt blocks and bias for binding, pinning blocks together for machine sewing. Hand tying layers of batting and lining together and sewing binding on will be most steps to do. Bring yourself, scissors, pad & pencil, rotary cutter and mats and IDEAS. Most supplies will be furnished. But, any supplies, kits, even any work started that needs to be finished is welcome! (not that any of us have those!) Bring things you have made in the past to show us for more IDEAS. Learn to make beautiful Bows Learn to fold paper to make an envelope Help with simple quilt block cutting & sewing Croqueting & knitting is in mind also. Pin Cushions to make will be fun also, everything furnished! Let's get together for some fellowship & fun. We are interested in making things for ourselves or to give away. If you have a group in mind that would appreciate gifts, please let us know. We want this to be a fun project. Coffee & tea will be available. SEE YOU MAY 20, 2014 2:00 PM. Carol Lindberg, Carolyn Noddin, Kay Wright.

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