Thursday, December 31, 2015

Well, I haven't posted in quite awhile and the most prominent thing in my life right now is that I'm getting older!    I have had some health problems, but right now am pretty good.    However, I spend a lot of time in my chair and do a lot of crocheting.   I crocheted all our Christmas Gifts this year 2015 and if I can remember how to post pictures, I will try to post some of them at least.   Tom and I are 'living it up' in our little 530 sq. ft. apt. in a Senior Residence.   We both still drive when the need arises, however he does most of the shopping etc.   I go sometimes, but rarely by myself except maybe to the hair dresser!   I tried to let my hair grow long and do it myself and that just didn't work!   so.....................  now I'll try to load some pictures.
13 yr. Great grandaughter was thrilled  "Now I can still test"!  Oh, me.   

Grandaughter was thanful as her hands get cold at work! 

Add caption  More for that same grandaughter 

Add caption   and more yet!  

Made these for another granddaughter

Grand-son[in-law and great grandson hats alike 

3 yr. old great grandson 

10 yr. old great grandson 

daughter and son-in-law

grand son-in-law

2 little great grandaughter in Texas, we had to mail these.  

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