Monday, May 31, 2010

Well, the end of this Memorial weekend......

This has been a wonderful weekend for us.  We have been right here in our comfortable home where we are so blessed.  We thank the Lord daily for our shelter, food, and air conditioning!  We can't ask for more. 

Listing some things on eBay today, made me think of things to share with all of you.  Now when I do this, I don't mean for you to buy these things.  But when they are needlework of any kind, (most obtained from Estate Sales) the thought comes to mind to share the eye candy of them.   I hope I can put the pictures UNDER this prose and not on top of it all.  We'll see.   Well, it is above here, but at least it is in the right area!   This is needlepoint!  Now I mean the whole thing!  The frame is needlepoint, and all.  Being Southwestern in theme, then the pictures in this window? frame are all of blooming cactus!   It is beautifully done and so unusual!   I hope someone with a SW theme likes it on eBay. 

We went to 3 estate sales last week all in one day.  Each one of them had many things that were handmade!  Here is another -- fabulous!  My adventure with needlepoint has been just filling in the spaces all over the background around a previously petit point design that was already there.  As you can see this is far beyond that!  Crewel?? stitches maybe also?   I don't know much about that either.  But there is a lot of detail on this one.  That moon in the back ground sure shows off the owls.   Perhaps an owl collector will find this one. 

This next one is counted cross stitch.  They are the De Graziia children - The Flower Boy and The Flower Girl  -  This is so exquisitely framed in a double frame with non glare glass.  We learned that the person had been a school teacher and had to retire early because of losing her sight.  So she spent her precious time doing all the needlework she could in the time she had left to have sight.   She is gone now, and the family held her estate sale.   Many more beautiful things there also!  

This 'Chair of Flowers' is another one that is loaded with work.  Beautiful detail as many things (flowers) are outlined and the veins in the leaves, and much more.   I looked at it a long time before deciding what all to say about it in the listing.  This took several hours and hours to make also. 

This next one has oodles of color --  hope another lover of SW decor finds this one. 

Hooray, it worked this time.  Now if I can remember what I did!   Ha. 

Just one more.   It is a lovely Winter scene.  I had it sitting up against a stool in the living room for a few days until we got everything carried downstairs to take pictures etc.   I continually noticed the colors and the depth I saw in it each time I looked at it.   This is needlepoint A+++  as far as I'm concerned. 

The other thing that was plentiful this past week was vintage hats!   So I have several listed tonight.  They seem to sell well.   I don't know if they are worn, or just collected.   But whatever, I enjoy the fact that others like what I do.    Thanks for looking.   We are listed on eBay as seller - Lindys*ltd - but remember I give you this to just enjoy what I do.  Not as a sales tool.   Thanks again,   Carol

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