Saturday, November 27, 2010


This has been a blessed time of being with family yesterday and of course having Turkey and all the trimmings and many leftovers for today also.   Some of our family were missing as they were with other parts of the family in other cities, but we so enjoyed our day here at our daughter's home. 

We had an extra blessing to rejoice and be thankful for also.  My husband had not been feeling well at all in the last 2 weeks and ended up having a heart catherization on Tuesday.   Praise the Lord his heart is doing o.k.  No problems with the old bypasses and stents, so now he is to have MRI on his neck soon to see if a pinched nerve is causing his pain and his arms to go numb.  Scary!   He has lower back problems anyway, so this adds up for him.   We hope the future holds better things and pain free for him.

I am still at the physical therapist's office 2 times a week and still have my arm in a sling.  Can't move it forward like to reach!  I am doing well on range of motion upward they say.   The repair is such that the reaching forward thing may be a problem........  I just hope I can use it well in time with no pain.  Right now, that isn't the case.   But I am blessed with help from my family for the things I can't do.   Getting old though.
I want to stitch!  T.V. and jigsaw puzzles and some one handed cooking is my ritual.   

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday as we did.

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