Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our auctions on eBay for this week 12/3/07

Thought I would mention that we listed some very nice miniatures this week. You'll find them on our site on eBay - (seller address) Lindys*ltd. They are from my own collection and am selling more of them now.

Some 'special' dolls listed too! A darling Heubach boy doll, a sculpted (I think) lady doll reminds me of a China head, and some cute little Napco dolls of the month. These are also from my original collection.

Also listed some darling bonnets for dolls (especially antique baby dolls) as they are made out of old linens with lots of 'fru fru' on them. All vintage materials, even the ribbons.

Thanks so all of you, our customers. We do appreciate your business.

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kerrykatiecakes2 said...

Well, I enjoyed seeing your dolls even if they are on the wrong blog! lol
Hugs, Kerry