Sunday, December 2, 2007


Having all these neckties brings all kinds of ideas to me. So I pieced this pillow top and am in the process of embellishing it with any 5 minutes of time I can use!!! LOL It measures NOW - 27" x 13". However I intend to make it much larger with a border of ruched fabric all around the 4 sides that will be about 4" wide. Then I will add a 2" strip of fabric all around and then bind it with a ruffled binding. I will also put fringe of beads in each of those seams around the pillow.

I intend to use this in front of our fireplace that we don't use in the living room. It will be about the size of a bed pillow. Then I can remove the bed pillow to store it until Christmas time next year. We now have our flat screen t.v. sitting on an antique wooden box on legs and the top opens like a desk. So the pillow will look nice when it is placed tilted up in front of all that. Fun!

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