Sunday, December 2, 2007

TUTORIAL Making an apron from Hankies (1950's)

I remember when my Mother made aprons out of hankies like this. I will enjoy having any of you wanting to make them too.

This is a vintage pattern of a way to make a very pretty and dainty apron from only four hankies! I remember my mother making aprons like this for gifts. Now this was over 50 years ago!! It is still a beautiful apron.

Four hankerchiefs are needed to make each apron. My sample is made of 4 hankies all alike - each is 12" square. It could be made with different colored ones, and different sizes, whatever would be to your liking. The four hankies you choose should all be the same size.

The middle part of the apron is one complete hankie.

The sides are one hankie cut diagonally - and the flounce at the bottom is one hankie. The waist band and ties are made of the 4th hankie.

This picture shows the hankie that has been cut diagonally and used on each side.

However, the flounce should be sewn on to the bottom of the main hankie first, as the side triangular piece This next picture shows how the hankie for the flounce is cut and will fit onto the bottom of the main hankie in the center. Used in this way, this hankie makes the bottom of the front of the apron and lets the points of it and the point of the triangular side become the pointed hem across the bottom of the apron. Just use the very middle of the hankie (in this one it is the middle of the large flower. Please see the pictures.

Sew the flounce to the bottom of the main hankie. You will have 2 sides which fit perfectly onto the triangular side piece.

Cut the 4th hankie into the waistband and the ties. The waistband is 2 1/2" finished, so cut two pieces 3" wide. Sew them together to make on long strip. Sew the waistband strip to the main hankie making the seam in the strip to be at the center of the hankie. Fold it over and stitch it down to the back side.

Cut 2 more 3" strips from that last hankie. Hem the sides. Sew these ties to the ends of the waistband. Here is a picture of the back side - your apron is finished!!


kerrykatiecakes2 said...

Thank you for this tutorial Carol! Aprons are coming back into interest so strongly it seems among us who remember them. I love this one - I love hankies too! So will make great gifts and fun things to make. Thanks again!
Hugs, Kerry

Patty said...

That's really pretty! I don't sew but I love hankies. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.! Happy New Year!